Drawing Update May 10, 2006

      New charcoal and pencil drawings from my drawing II class are posted

Programming Update February 3, 2006

      I added some of my old Tribes 2 scripts to the programming section

More Art July 19, 2005

      New images are up in the both the Traditional Art and CGI sections

Art Update July 18, 2005

      I just finished formatting the Traditional Art section. The descriptions are brief and not proof-read, but they will do for now. Let me know if anything is broken or doesnít look right. The next update will hopefully have the CGI section up and looking good.

Under Construction July 15, 2005

      So, after owning this domain for over a year, I have finally gotten around to making it into a respectable webpage. The design is pretty much finished but, as Iím sure you can tell, the layout and content need a lot of work. All the images in both art galleries need to be re-sized, cropped, color adjusted and indexed. Not to mention all the artwork I have sitting around the house that has yet to be scanned. Hopefully I will be able to get a large chunk done tomorrow.