Tribes 2 Scripts

Training Grounds (server download)
A practice gametype complete with Skiing races, various types of duels, Sniping practice, and deathmatch. The gametype is completely server side, so place the .vl2 file into the base directory on the server and everything will be all set. No clientside download necessacery.

Captain Hud (client download)
Having trouble assigning and announcing positions before a scrim or match? Captain Hud stores your players most frequent positions and allows you to quickly filter your roster based on current in game players and their roles. Once you select your lineup simply hit the "announce" button and all the players positions will be posted in team chat. To install, place the .vl2 file in your base folder, and assign a key to captain hud.

Kraska Chat Control (download)
A small little script that is used by Server Admins to control Global Chat. KCC allows admins to enable/disable global chat before and during tournament mode. Place a copy of the .vl2 in the base directory of the server and any admin that wishes to use the script.